Dedicated Mailings – CPC and Fixed Fee Email Marketing

Features & Benefits

Design your own mailing.

Dedicated Mailings are all about your content, designed and created by you.

You get complete, undisturbed attention of the readers, and can benefit from it by creatively designing your promo materials. As the mailing includes your content only, you can be sure that it will get noticed by the readers.

With Dedicated Mailings, it’s up to you to decide what the result will look like. Designing the content has great advantages — we give you the freedom to format your content the way you need it. In contrary to advertising online, and in newsletters, there are no size limits that the content must fit into. Your designers can freely create the content, just the way you’ve always dreamt of!

Environmentally friendly.

Save money on paper and delivery, and at the same time minimize the environmental impact. By getting the content directly to your potential clients’ inboxes, there’s no need of printing and transporting the advertisement material.

Increase your sales within hours.

When advertising with Dedicated Mailings, your content goes out to a huge amount of potential clients, within a very short time period. This means that you will start seeing results within hours, and can increase your sales from day 1. This makes Dedicated Mailings an ideal form of advertising, if you need to reach your potential clients quickly.

Great reputation.

When sending your content with Dedicated Mailings, you can be sure that it gets delivered to the right inboxes.

Dedicated Mailings works actively with the reputation and delivery optimization. We make sure that our list of potential clients is always updated, and work hard to stop fake emails and frauds from bubbling up. We collaborate with some of the major companies in the industry, securing a high reputation in a number of the most popular e-mail services around the globe.

Make decisions based on real statistics.

To help you gain competitive advantage, we provide you with the data for statistical analysis of your campaigns.

After each campaign has been sent, you will receive statistics via email which will give you an insight into unique statistical data for the current mailing campaigns. This include the total amount of clicks generated, which countries the clicks came from and much more. This gives you a solid foundation to evaluate and analyze the successfulness of your campaigns.